Activities for Wedding Guests in Costa Rica

Fun Activities for Your Wedding Guests in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Wedding GuestsAll of your friends and your entire family have flown to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to join in your wedding celebration. That means that they have taken off work and spent hundreds of dollars on plane tickets to be with you. Some of your guests will probably arrive a few days before your wedding so that they can make the most of this little Costa Rica vacation, so it would be nice to provide them with some organized activities and events or a list of things they can do while in Santa Teresa.

Exploring the Great Outdoors of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The most obvious way to explore the natural beauty of Santa Teresa is for your guests tofamily surfing in Costa Rica head to the beach where everyone from you best friend’s two-year-old to your deaf grandmother can have a good time. The adventurous can try out surfing. Perhaps you can arrange a group lesson at one of the many surf schools in Santa Teresa. Snorkeling is also a fun way to frolic in the waves for those who lack enough coordination to stand on a board. Of course, sometimes it’s just nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Playa Santa Grandma-surfingTeresa is one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. There are few who would ever get bored spending the day sitting on their towel, listening to the rhythmic lap of the waves, and watching the day go by while soaking up a few rays.

The Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is just a short drive away from Santa Teresa, so arranging a half-day or full-day trip for interested guests would be quite easy. Arrange for transportation and a guide with a tour company ahead of time or let your guests wander over there at their own pace. Either way, they are sure to enjoy the unique Costa Rica flora and fauna that they’ll find in the country’s oldest nature reserve. The trail Mal Pais activitiesrunning through the reserve is not challenging for those in decently good shape, and there is a nice beach at the end of the hike to reward those who persevere.

Experiencing the Culture of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, but it also has more to offer than stunning landscapes. Dancing in Costa Rica’ is a favorite pastime. Town bailes are always huge events where everyone comes out to show their moves on the dance floor. Some of the most popular Latin dances are the salsa, meringue, and cumbia. If you’re going to play some Latin beats during your reception, or even if you’re not, it’d be a great idea to arrange a group dance lesson for your guests before the wedding.

One of the most distinctive sounds of Costa Rica is the pat pat pat of floured hands on dough as a tica mama shapes her tortillas in the morning. Learning how to make tortillas the traditional Costa Rican way is not only fun, but hilarious. The ticas have been shaping tortillas since they could stand at the kitchen counter and can bang out a perfectly round tortilla with a uniform thickness in about 10 seconds. Challenge your guests to see how fast they can get their tortillas over the flame. Arrange for a group cooking lesson and maybe you’ll get some gallo pinto or an empanada as an early wedding present.

Some of your guests may know a bit of Spanish, but most probably won’t remember much more than hola and gracias from their high school language classes. Try arranging a survival Spanish class one afternoon for those who are interested in getting to know the language a little bit better, or those who plan on doing some extra travelling on their own.
There is a wealth of things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Challenge your guests to put their inhibitions aside and try something new and exciting.

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