Manzanillo Costa Rica Sand Castle Competition

Sand Castle Competition in Manzanillo Beach

Costa Rica sand castleBuilding a sand castle is a great way to spend a relaxing day at the beach. Watching a group of children, a family or friends building a sandcastle on the beach is one the marvels of the human spirit.

We’ve all done it to some extent most likely, think back, maybe not a 10 hour session offering a masterpiece at the end, maybe something more simple like a bucket of sand turned upside down and a few random floating sticks or debris to put the finishing touches on it.  What a great way to play in the sand with your kids or your parents on a hot sunny day, buckets, shovels tropical vacation sand castleand wet sand where anything seems possible and at the end, the trophy of a communal undertaking… it’s incomparable and indescribable!

Sand castle competitions are becoming a global trend attracting all walks in life from the average beach comber with a creative side to the more sophisticated art–sand sculptor’s, and the prizes are more and more worthy of the castles built and as a result, the competition becomes more and more fierce each year.

Costa Rica sunset beach sand castleJust a short scenic 20-minute drive along the coast from Santa Teresa is the tranquil beach community Manzanillo. Known for its sweeping white sand beaches, calm waves and beautiful sunsets, Manzanillo is a quiet beach but with lots of tourist potential. This beach has beautiful barrier reefs which prevent large waves and strong currents creating a safe haven for families with small children and an abundance of quiet swimming spots for all to enjoy.

The highlight of the year for the sleepy little town of Manzanillo comes in March with the annual sandcastle contest.  This three day festival is an event which lures out all the locals for fun times of hanging out and playing soccer on the beach, swimming, surfing, eating, drinking and dancing. The best of the weekend is always the last day, on Sunday when the sandcastle contest is held.Sand castle beach Costa Rica

Early in the morning the competitors build their works of sand, later in the day they are judged and awarded and just in time as the tide comes up and the sea will take off most of the sand art. And then, the party really begins and it continues late into the evening with more drinks, food and Latin music.

This years winner was an almost life size pirate ship with a steering wheel made of an old tire and wooden poles acting as the mast. Second place was a frog with a ukulele and Sand castle manzanillo beach costa ricacigarette. Both winners were impressively carved after many, many cool drinks under the hot sun and lots and lots of buckets of sand.

Sand castle3This is an amazing family weekend that offers a range of activities for all to enjoy. You may find yourself dancing, playing football, enjoying the delicious tico food or riding a horse along the beautiful sandy beach.Friends on the beach Costa Rica

If you’re looking to have a great beach vacation the Red Palm Villas offers all inclusive Costa Rica vacations as well as custom packages so start getting new ideas and bring along some tools to build a sand castle in next years Manzanillo sand castle competition and be prepared to unleash your creative side on your next Costa Rica vacation.

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  1. Very beautiful clicks. These inspire me to visit Costa Rica.

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