Santa Teresa’s Costa Rica Luxury Tours

Santa Teresa Luxury Tours- FEATUREYou didn’t come all the way to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica just to sit on the beach, as delightful as that may be. No, you decided to make Costa Rica your vacation destination because you wanted to go exploring and seek out a little adventure. You want to see the country beyond the beach, to truly experience the real Costa Rica. Of course, you would also like to travel in style. Your days of sitting on hot, dusty public buses and bumping along poorly paved roads for hours are long gone. You travel in air conditioning now and would rather spend your vacation with your friends and family instead of with a large group of strangers on a tour. While there are plenty of budget tours available in Santa Teresa, there are also a multitude of luxury tours that allow visitors to experience Costa Rica in comfort.

Luxury Tours of Costa Rica’s Inland Treasures

Santa Teresa is just a stone’s throw away from the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the country’s first national park. Visitors walking through the reserve’s rainforest often spot all sorts of colorful birds and playful monkeys, as well as some larger animals. At the end of the hike the forest gives way to a pristine white sand beach. Here you can cool off in the crystal clear waters and relax on the soft sand. Although it is possible to explore the park independently, a private guided tour is much more comfortable and hassle-free. Plus, yourCosta Rica Luxury Tours- PICTURE 1 knowledgeable guide can tell you all about the flora and fauna you’ll see.

Since your private tour only includes your family and friends, you won’t have to squeeze onto a bus with a million other tourists and you can have control over your itinerary. You can ask your guide to take you to secret places that only locals know about. Visit waterfalls, beaches, and tidal pools that are unknown to other tourists. Explore Costa Rica as it’s meant to be explored – in comfort and at your own pace.

Wet and Wild Luxury Tours

Everyone has been on those tours where the tour operators fit as many people as possible onto a boat, drives them out to sea, and then bobs around for awhile before handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and heading back to shore. There is always at least one person who throws up, but usually more. This is not the way you want to experience Costa Rica. And you don’t have to.

Luxury ocean Tours- PICTURE 2Skip the tour and charter a fishing boat for the day. Your bilingual guide, captain, and crew will take you to the best fishing spots in the area. You won’t be bobbing around on a little boat surrounded by puke, either. Charter a small yacht and bring along family and friends even if they aren’t interested in fishing. It’s your private sea adventure, so you can do whatever you want.

If fishing isn’t your thing and you’ve come to Santa Teresa to experience its famous surfing, it is easy to arrange private surf lessons. You will get personalized attention from an experienced instructor and you won’t have to worry about wiping out in front of total strangers. This is the best and quickest way to learn how to surf.

Santa Teresa may be a laidback surf town, but it knows how to provide visitors with the luxury and quality service that will make their vacation unforgettable. If you are looking to experience Costa Rica in style, luxury tours will provide privacy, personalized attention, and comfort. There is no better way to explore Costa Rican rainforests or set out on the high seas than with your own personal guide.

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