A prefect day for a perfect wedding!!!

As always we’re very happy to be part of guests beautiful memories, especially moments like weddings/elopements and honeymoons.  Most people don’t know it but the Red Palm Villas magic is unlike anything you might ever find in a hotel or resort.  There are lots of reason our Costa Rica resort is so special, from our amazing and sincerely thoughtful staff,  to our 3 mascots who love to take walks with our guests, and then there are our gardens, but if you were to narrow it down to just one word, I think the one word at would have to be “LOVE”.

That land was originally purchased because I fell in “LOVE” with it.  I was searching for a tropical home for years and and years, living in Lake Tahoe, spending time in Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, Southern California, Florida and Costa Rica.  One day I stumbled onto Santa Teresa beach and almost as quickly I fell in love with a piece of beach front property and that very moment I knew my search had ended.

After purchasing the land, I began immediately that same day to plant fruit trees, 13 of them to be exact.  Since that time I have planted over 500 trees and several thousand bushes and flowering plants.  I “love”  growing flowers, trees, plants, food, it’s always been one of my passions since I was about 6 or 7 years old.

Soon after purchasing the land I began to build homes as well.  I had been dreaming for many years to build simple, elegant, and functionally beautiful beach homes, all which were being inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and other great architects I had been admiring through the years.

Every inch of the Red Palms property has been thoroughly examined and in a loving way each plant given a home and each home planted, and always, with the greatest respect to nature.


All this took place at a time in my life when I was very inspired.  I gladly and enthusiastically awoke at 5 am each morning to prepare for the days work and continued into the late evenings planning for the next day.  It would have been easy to have “thrown” together a quick generic resort but instead, with a group of dedicated professionals and master carpenters, for 7 years we poured our hearts and souls into the Red Palm Villas, one structure and one plant at a time, all resulting in a place of awe inspired in a harmonious cooperation of nature and man,  and eventually allowing all of us there to proudly be part of such a special resort.

Looking back, it was like living a dream, sitting and examining a piece of dirt and slowly and lovingly transforming that into what it has become.  All the while being mindful to the point of noticing a path of trees used by the monkeys as they came through the land each day with their families in search of food, fun and a shady spot for an afternoon siesta, and being sure not disrupt or interfere with their intricate highways built above us in the canopies.

I remember one day returning from surf and looking at the beach and from that spot that moment deciding to build a shower there because it had the perfect view.  Eventually it designing and 6 months later I was actually taking a rinse from that spot while standing in a one of a kind artistic mosaic showers I have ever had the delight to experience, basically the shower of my dreams.

It’s for so many reasons our resort is probably one of the most perfect places in all of Costa Rica for a Honeymoon, wedding or family vacation.  The land shines and sings with love.  Every step, every inch, every plant and structure built and or nurtured with love.

Our gardens are just one more clear example of love.  Over 6 months a year we have no rain, and, 6 months a year over 5000 plants, bushes and trees are hand watered and cared for daily by 4 persons.  We could have opted for an automated system but the truth is, there is nothing like looking at a plant daily to make sure it’s needs are being perfectly met, we do this because, we really love our gardens, each and every plant, and for that reason it’s OK if it takes a little longer to water them each day, they’re worth the extra time and attention.

Yesterday, in all it’s glory, the Red Palm Villas was the proud host of another magical and romantic tropical elopement.  The weather was in full cooperation, the sunset was glorious, and all that love we have been pouring into our resort came out like a rainbow for all to see and enjoy.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica beach fropnt weddings

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles on the faces of our guests as we accomplish their dreams and actually get to experience their love which is personified and exemplified during their stay with us.

Thanks to all our amazing guests who we are happy to share our resort with as they share their dreams and lives with us.  I can think of no business more magical or gratifying then the one we are in.

Check out our website if you are planning a Costa Rica honeymoon, wedding, family vacation, or just plain escape from the cold, we have many packages available and a team of vacation specialists just waiting to help you plan the Costa Rica vacation of a lifetime.

You can call us direct or go to our website for more information


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3 Responses to A prefect day for a perfect wedding!!!

  1. Kyle says:

    Looks so gorgeous, I would LOVE to photograph a wedding there some day!

  2. What is the capacity for a wedding. What do you recommend for a 100 + guests
    3/4 days in Feb 2013

  3. Tabatha says:

    Oh my gosh! The next time my husband and I visit CR we are staying at your resort. I love how dedicated you personally were in the construction. The Red Palm Villas is literally a labor of love and we all know that that love makes biggest the difference.

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