Costa Rica Beach Real Estate

5 Reasons to consider purchasing Costa Rica beach real estate:

More than 20 years ago North Americans started arriving to purchase Costa Rica beach real estate — and for many good reasons. The end result is now many of your friends and neighbors have made the decision to purchase Costa Rica beach real estate at prices far below anything imaginable in the US.

The reason they are doing this is to make the best of a well earned retirement. Moving to Costa Rica no more logistically challenging than moving from the east coast to the west coast, and in some cases, the plane fares and travel times to Costa Rica are less.

Living on the beach in the US, for most, a dream they will never realize. And though it is affordable in other countries, no country offers the friendly vibe or welcomes Americans and Canadians as does Costa Rica. For this reason, many buyers come ready to realize their lifelong dream, to purchase a piece of Costa Rica beach real estate for a fraction of the price… and in most cases on better beaches, warmer water, more sunshine and without all the crowds.

And as each wave of baby boomers comes through purchasing the Costa Rica beach real estate, the infrastructure gets better and better. Today San Jose has some of the finest medical care providers in Central America. Not only do most the doctors speak perfect English but when you arrive in these new and beautiful medical clinics, you almost feel like you are in the USA except when you get the bill, then you realize, nothing in the US is this affordable, surely you must be in heaven.

Costa Rica beach real estate on amazing endless white sand beaches for 1/10 the cost of living in crowded Newport Beach CA. Small eclectic communities strung along these beaches with restaurants and markets selling fresh fish and produce gain, for less than anything in the US.

Not only has fine dining, shopping malls and food markets caught up to US standards but the medical infrastructure has as well. Communities have begun to spring up everywhere offering all the comforts of the US at prices far below creating the opportunity to move into some of the best climates in the world enjoying services and a lifestyle no longer affordable in the US. Basically a dream come true for many North Americans, Costa Rica beach real estate at affordable prices, what a way to retire.

Costa Rica is economically a very stable country that favors US investors Besides offering a safe place to invest money, Costa Rica offers one of the best climates. San Jose was voted #3 in the world boasting an almost perfect average temperature of 76 degrees.

And when you consider Costa Rica beach real estate as an investment, this ever growing popular country is just starting to spread her wings, even in the worst of economic times in the US, Costa Rica tourism has continued to prosper and again, it’s not surprising, Costa Rica is a jewel just a few short hours from most US hubs.

Recording a 96% literacy rate, a 40 year old commitment from the government to end poverty which is actually well ahead of schedule, no military, and leading the global community in their quest to be the most environmentally friendly country in the world, Costa Rica presents herself as the perfect place to be if you are ready to settle down and start enjoying your life.

So the 5 top reasons to purchase Costa Rica Beach Real Estate.


  1. Quality – many Costa Rica beaches rank in the TOP 10 beaches in the World, Santa Teresa Costa Rica was recently named #1 in Central and South America.
  2. Infrastructure – Malls, banks, restaurants, schools and medical, Costa Rica promises to make you feel right at home if not better as she paves the way into the future providing all the conveniences you need to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.
  3. Safety – with no military yet falling under the protective umbrella of US Military, Costa Rica remains a friendly, safe and free border to US citizens.
  4. Value – for a fraction of the price you can own land, Costa Rica beach real estate and businesses. Over 600 miles of mostly undeveloped Costa Rica beachfront real estate, a perfect opportunity for a Costa Rica hotel for sale or retirement home, the possibilities are endless.
  5. Beauty – with more than 1/3 of the worlds species, almost 1000 varieties of birds, thousands of plants, flowers and tree’s and two coast with over 600 miles of endless for the most part white sand beaches, you could spend the next 50 years of your life exploring Costa Rica and never grow bored.


So quit waiting, obviously something this good will not last forever, book yourself a Costa Rica villa on a perfect white sand beach and start exploring your future.

Red Palm Villas in Santa Teresa Costa Rica is a Costa Rica vacations paradise. Sitting on the best part of the #1 BEACH in Central and South America, boasting stunning world class tropical gardens, amazing Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi inspired Costa Rica villas on the beach, claiming the #1 spot for luxury on the beach accommodations for families and Costa Rica honeymoons, there’s not as better place to come and stay to enjoy you first of sure to be many Costa Rica holidays.

Offering 5 unique luxury villas and suites on a pristine Blue Flag Awarded beach, a celebrity favorite and secret get away for years, hosting some of the most beautiful Costa Rica weddings, on the beach, featuring DJ’s from Brazil, live music, gourmet catering, 5 STAR concierge services.

Go to our Reservations section to make an inquiry or call us direct 888 405 0201

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