Costa Rica Beach Rentals – take my advice!

Costa Rica Rentals on the beach

Costa Rica villas with full kitchens and amenities

Visiting Costa Rica for a family or romantic vacation?  Take my advice, Costa Rica Beach Rentals are the only way to go, I enjoy the mountains but in Costa Rica, it’s all about the beaches, some of the best in the World, Santa Teresa Costa Rica is Central and South America #1 beach.

When I first moved to Santa Teresa Costa Rica, it was to build my Costa Rica Resort, ON the beach. While I was waiting for my Costa Rica Hotel to be built I decided to rent a home on the beach, talk about challenging. There were “homes” on the beach but few and even fewer with the amenities I had to have like a phone and running water as well as the ones I wanted such as internet, and a beach I could swim and surf from.

When I went looking at all the available rentals at the time, 2002, there were only three homes along 7 miles of coastline who more or less had it all, the pickings were VERY slim.

Costa Rica rentals with full kitchens

Honeymoon villa kitchen facing the beach!

I could stay at one of several Costa Rica hotels in Santa Teresa but none were offering kitchens which for me, will always be a MUST when I travel, I simply can NOT travel and eat 21 meals a week out, I do not have the time to deal with restaurants 21 times a week, period, I just don’t and, I’m a snacker, I need to be around my food, period!

For me, restaurants are for the quiet relaxing sit down dinner, breakfast and lunch in my life are on the fly, between surf sessions or activities, even if it’s just a simple banana shake with soy milk and some fresh fruit, in the end, I’m too old and spoiled to suffer, I know what I like and as simple as it is, usually I have a craving and I like to satisfy it and I like to do it quickly.

So, when it comes to Costa Rica beach rentals, for me, it’s a villa ONLY ON the beach with a kitchen, and if possible, I want a shower with a GREAT view, nothing better than taking a rinse and watching the surf and, I want my bed to have the same view, I want to wake up, look from my bed and check the surf, and, when I cook, wow, if possible, the same thing, I want to stand at my stove as I’m searing some fresh tuna and watch the waves or the sunset.

So, that’s EXACTLY what I built when I built the Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort, a place that had EVERYTHING I ever wanted, needed, imagined, dreamed of. The prefect Costa Rica beach rental, fully staffed, 300 feet of private, pristine beach front with a wave that has a name and rivals Hawaiian waves and homes that are amazing and like art, were CREATED, not built.

Costa Rica rentals with ocean views

View from the stove in the Honeymoon villa, now we're cooking!

That’s what I promise you will find at the Red Palm Villas Costa Rica resort on the beach, a sense of adventure and barefoot sophistication, staffed with employees who love the land and their jobs, and it shows, our gardens are lush, and our villas are spotless and maintained perfectly.

Isn’t that what you want, expect and deserve when you take a Costa Rica vacation?  Comfort, privacy and all on a world class beach.  If you are searching for that perfect spot for a romantic Costa Rica Honeymoon or destination wedding, or just want to treat your family to the most amazing Costa Rica vacation full of adventure, look no further, the Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort is all you need or could ever imagine.

And of you are thinking of coming anytime soon, now’s a great time, there are many special airfares and Costa Rica packages to choose from all designed to give you the most relaxing and amazing holiday ever.

Call Toll Free 888 523 1954 now and ask about our October and November specials. We have several Costa Rica villas to fit your needs and budgets.

Go to for more information about our one of a kind luxury villas and suites or to read about our many Family and Costa Rica honeymoon packages.

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