Costa Rica Resorts – 5 things to consider when choosing one

Costa Rica Resort for honeymoons

Private QUIET Beach!

When it comes to Costa Rica Resorts, they come in all shapes and sizes, from small boutique, 10 villas or suites typically to “all inclusive/all intrusive” we like to say meaning, 200 or more rooms and 400 or more guests which means the traffic you just left in LA or NYC is now in your Costa Rica Resort, in line, in FRONT of you, waiting for that all inclusive meal at the buffet table…yuk!!!!

Definitely NOT my style, I lean more towards having a culturally rich experience more on the luxury side, I want to be AWAY from the crowds, I do not want to be part of a gawking group of camera wielding out of towners, I want a quiet private place on a beach to read, NOT a pool, pools are for at home, I’ll take the #1 Beach in Central and South America, Santa Teresa  Costa Rica, and I want a  killer king size bed, good sheets, nice pillows, a kitchen for MY food and I want VIEWS to die for!!!  That’s it…hopefully it doesn’t sound like too much, I just like the finer things, but not in the form of a homogenized and sterilized big fancy resort, give me “barefoot sophistication” please.

So, as you can see, Costa Rica Resorts can and DO vary, from the all inclusive/all intrusive resorts to more upscale Costa Rica luxury resorts of even smaller Boutique Specialty Resorts, and  in the end, where you go should depend on your needs, desires and budgets.

Location should also play a part in the overall decision process, near or ON the beach is a HUGE difference, I want to walk out my door with coffee first thing in the morning, sit is a comfortable beach chair and watch the waves, NOT get dressed, stand in line and 30 minutes later be enjoying my first sip of coffee in a crowded restaurant maybe with a view.

So, I built a Costa Rica Resort for me, EXACTLY the way I would want it, nothing less, it was actually my home and became a resort, and now, it can be your home when you take a Costa Rica Vacation.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica

A perfect sunset from Red Palm Villas

I like telling the story behind Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort, like all great works of art, there is a vision, often a struggle, and a story.  Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort is no exception to this rule. The short story behind the Red Palm Villas is it was once my DREAM private estate, I saw the vacant land one afternoon after surfing and immediately set out to buy it.

Since that day, there has always been a clear and definitive vision, to create an environment where one could relax, rejuvenate and recharge. To be in a space where reading a book, or a snooze in a hammock was always an option, where daydreaming was not frowned upon but rather encouraged, and through a pure connection to nature there would be an abundance of inspiration to write music, poetry or to create while pursuing the passions of surf and yoga.

Costa Rica Luxry Resorts

5 Star Service at the Red Palms

From that dream, like a painting, homes and gardens were sculpted carefully, lovingly and patiently onto the living canvas of that beach front property which today has evolved into one of Costa Rica’s most respected beach front resorts playing host to many celebrities, icons and idols from Hollywood to the world of fashion, sports and music.

The good news is you don’t have to be a star to stay at the Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort or to be treated like one, and whether or not you are, you can be sure to enjoy your privacy in our more than 3 acre, 300 foot, private beach resort.

Never a crowd, typically less than 10 guests in our exclusive beach front resort, definitely a place you can come to relax.

If you are seeking an experience from the path less traveled, need to be pampered but prefer to avoid the crowds, appreciate and know the value of a Million Dollar View,  Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Resort is just the place for you.

Right now there are many specials, it’s slow season, never a better time to save money on flights, rental car or accommodations.

Click here to visit our Costa Rica Resort of call Toll Free for more information or to book your Costa Rica Vacation now, 888 405 0201.

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  1. redpalmvillas says:

    Amazing, Arenol especially!

  2. redpalmvillas says:

    Too early for snow unless you ski or snowboard, then it’s NEVER too early or too much. Always a good time for a vacation no matter when it is…

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