Costa Rica Beaches – A Magical Tropical Place To Practice Yoga

Costa Rica Yoga

Experience yoga on the beach in costa Rica

When I close my eyes and think of yoga, honestly, I see gardens, butterflies, maybe hummingbirds, lots of flowers and if I’m lucky, a great sunset on the Pacific and the sound of Howler monkey’s. I consider myself lucky, I live and experience Costa Rica Yoga on the beach almost everyday and can honestly say I am spoiled and may never be able to return to a normal yoga class.

Obviously this is not everyone’s yoga experience. For many, it’s an overcrowded indoor class at lunchtime; rushed, hot, fluorescent lights and anything but the fragrance of sweet ylang ylang or night blooming jasmine.

In early 2000 I tried yoga while living at Lake Tahoe California and for some reason it just never stuck with me. I came to Costa Rica in 2002 and almost immediately started practicing. I was living in this really cool quaint beach side community barely known back then, Santa Teresa. There were probably 500 people living there full time and more than 100 practicing yoga which I found odd.

Some of the best surfers living there were in those classes, it really made sense at the time, balance, strength, conditioning.

Today, that quaint beach side community remains relatively undiscovered, although it was just voted the #1 Most Beautiful Beach in all of Central and South America. And much to my great fortune, shortly after arriving in 2002 I met a very devoted and dedicated yoga master who I have studied under on and off for most of those years at a Costa Rica Resort on the beach who specializes in yoga experiences and retreats.

Costa Rica Yoga on the beach at sunset

Yoga at sunset in from of The Red Palm Villas

What started out as a great way to stay in shape and get my surfing up to the next level, thanks to her, has became more of a life changing experience than daily regimen. I can honestly say, yoga makes you flexible, not just in body, but in mind and spirit and with that said, I feel yoga has made me better prepared to deal with life, stress and the process of not being 20 years old any longer.

If you have been thinking about yoga and just never found the place or time, I promise you, in Costa Rica Yoga retreats and packages are found almost everywhere, many providing the perfect opportunity for you to experience many types of yoga in all their glory, on the beach, in a beautiful tropical gardens, surrounded by nature, be careful though, there is just one catch, after this amazing experience, it may change your life, you may never want to leave, it happens all the time, Gisele Bundchen and Mel Gibson to name a few.


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