Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica resort on the beach

Views from the Red Palms Honeymoon Villa

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica is an amazing country to visit, it has everything you could ever imagine from the most pristine beaches, two coastlines, over 800 miles, to 8 active volcano’s, rain forests, cloud forests and much more.

Growers of some of the best coffee in the world, second only to their tourism, Coista Rica vacations are becoming more and more popular to N. American travelers.

Many airlines are now servicing Costa Rica’s two national airport with daily flights. Most of the big resorts have found their way onto the Costa Rica beaches. Costa Rica Hotels and resorts in the last ten years have almost tripled in numbers.

Gisele Bundchen is Santa Teresa newest neighbor

Santa Teresa's newest neighbors

Once undiscovered secret beaches like Santa Teresa Costa Rica were known only by the surfer crowds, now celebrities like Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady own second homes there and many other celebrities call this there spot for adventure and R&R. It is considered the New Malibu for the young and adventurous jet setters.

The Costa Rica vacations rental business is growing. Ten years ago it was almost impossible to rent a home on the beach with AC, hot water, a telephone and internet. Thanks to many American entrepreneurs and investors, today small boutique hotels, specialty housing, B&B’s and Costa Rica Resorts have arrived to service the discerning traveler.

There are lots of places to consider on your Costa Rica vacation, Arenol Volcano is definitely one and beaches like Santa Teresa Costa Rica are a must. This year Santa Teresa Costa Rica received it’s third award for being one of the TOP beaches in the world.

Costa Rica vacations include volcanos

Where else but in Costa Rica...of course!


If you are ready to see what everyone is talking about, if you are tired of everyday hearing something amazing about Costa Rica and wondering what all this buzz about, then like over 2 million Americans last year did, it’s time you got online, did a little research and booked a ticket for your first of many Costa Rica vacations.

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, you can contact us, we’ll be glad to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime. We are the Costa Rica vacations experts, we have several Costa Rica villas and suites to offer you on our exclusive beach front Costa Rica Resort. We have a wide variety of Costa Rica vacation packages to fit your needs and budget, anything from Costa Rica honeymoons, romantic getaways, Costa Rica Surf, to Costa Rica yoga, Destination weddings and more.

Don’t wait any longer, nothing worse than being the last one to discover such a beautiful secret.

Call now for more information 888 523 1954 or go directly to our Red Palm Villas website to read more about your Costa Rica vacation in paradise.

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