Costa Rica – Whale Watching!

I was walking to the beach the other day, I have really good eyes for distance, Eagle eyes to a fault, all of a sudden something broke my stride and meditative trance, something odd, I was not paying attention at all but something odd made me slow down and take a deeper look onto the horizon….hmmm, nothing, but, it was something, I waited, and waited, and waited, finally I saw what I was searching for…a humpback breaching about 6 miles offshore, barely seen, about 10 guests sitting around relaxing, talking, no one saw anything, “how can you miss that” I screamed, they all looked at me like I was a crazy man, “WHALES, I see whales on the horizon breaching!!!!!”

If you have ever seen a whale breach you know why without even looking for it this is something you could spot miles and miles offshore. Basically, imagine a bomb detonating under the water, a huge explosion, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of gallons of water in the air and of course, if you get to see it just before, that huge fan like tail a split moment before it finally slaps the water.

After that initial sighting, for the next several days we saw whales passing off in the distance with their playful splashing. One day we were heading out to surf “Suck Rock”, a famous Costa Rica begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting surf break in Santa Teresa, as we started to paddle out, barely 100 yards off shore in front of our beach front hotel we saw the humps of the giant Humpback whales passing by, it was amazing, it was a mother with a baby.

We’re not sure why they were in so close, maybe she had just given birth and wanted calmer waters or they came to hunt from the schools of sardines passing close to shore, regardless, it was an amazing sight to see, these huge docile mammals swimming within 50 feet of us as we sat on our surfboards watching.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica is definitely a magical beach, there is never a shortage of things to see and always a surplus of things to see you will never find anywhere else, probably why it was voted the #1 Beach in Central and South America, but don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself, and right now is a great time to visit, airfares are at an all time low, many local carriers are offering special discounts, and some resorts are offering FREE nights and FREE rental cars with your stay, don’t wait too long to book though, most specials have a very limited offer

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