Costa Rica Vacations – Top 10 Reasons you should consider one

Costa Rica Vacations

Arenol Costa Rica with one of its famous flows

Every time you open the travel section of a newspaper you probably most likely will read an article if not more than one about Costa Rica Vacations. Some days I think the whole world has become obsessed with Costa Rica and I guess here are 10 good reasons why;

1.Two coastlines, Atlantic and Pacific, over 800 miles of pristine natural unspoiled, undeveloped for the most part, beaches and plenty of warm water.
2.SURF, surf and more surf, 365 days a year of surf. For those who live on a coastline and have the fever you know what this means, most surfers are lucky to see 3-5 months of mediocre surf a year. Costa Rica has more waves than it will ever have surfers to surf them, everything from beginner to over the top expert, from one of the the longest rights in Pavonnes to the famous Suck Rock Barrel in Santa Teresa.
3.Real Estate, you can buy beachfront still for a fraction of the cost in the US but even with that said, it’s not cheap, they’re not giving it away, and for a reason, some of the TOP beaches in the WORLD are hosted by Costa Rica, supply and demand dictate price, you may actually have a a little sticker shock if you come searching to buy, it’s not like Mexico or other problematic Central American countries, N. American’s have been purchasing land there for almost a century now and have only great experiences.
4.No Army, which means a lot of things, first, not a WAR prone country and second, no military spending which leaves a lot of money for public health care and education.
5.Speaking of education, the highest rate of literacy in all of Central and South America.
6.A 40 year still in place commitment to end poverty and well on track.
7.Often referred to as the Switzerland of the South due to favorable banking laws and pro American attitude.
8.Many “Blue Zones” which means some of the oldest living humans on the planet today live in Costa Rica.
9.Costa Rica Honeymoons and Beach Weddings, I wish I had a dollar for everyone I heard of in the last year raving about their Costa Rica honeymoon. More and more boutique resorts on the beach are popping up to service this new huge Costa Rica economy.
10.More flora, birds and insects to encounter than anywhere else in the world, Costa Rica is home to over 1/3 of the species on the planet earth, that’s mind boggling.
11.OK, I know I said 10 but the list goes on and on and where do you stop, so Bonus Reason #11, volcano’s, Costa Rica plays host to 5 active volcano’s and over 300 volcanic centers, more than anywhere else in the world. This may be one of the largest drawing cards after the surf and beaches, if you have ever seen an active volcano flow, it’s a sight to treasure for all your life and Arenol Volcano is one of the best views in the world of volcano attractions.

So, if you still are not convinced, read what Forbes magazine wrote when they named Santa Teresa Costa Rica one of the TOP 10 Beaches in the World or Condre Nast Traveler who named Santa Teresa #7 and of course TripAdvisor who just gave Santa Teresa Costa Rica #1 spot for Central and South America.

Right now airfares are at an all time low, it’s slow season and many resorts are offering discount rates 35-50% off of their High Season rates. There couldn’t be a better time to experience a Costa Rica Vacation or Adventure. And if you are thinking about making a purchase, it will NEVER be less expensive, each day prices are on the rise, still affordable but definitively not for much longer, now is the time to get in if you want to own a huge piece of tropical beach front property.

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  1. redpalmvillas says:

    Sweet, Magoo’s Mom, I like that! It was once my paradise, it will always have a special place in my heart but I’m moving on for sure!

    Still our little Magoo needs to see it before, he is indisputably a part of it!

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