Santa Teresa Costa Rica My First UFO Sighting

Once in a lifetime you see something or do something so remarkable no one ever believes you and eventually, you get tired of that look so you stop talking about it. Personally I have two stories most people I tell never believe, how do I know, the rolling eyes gives them away every time.

Fortunately for me, each time there was a credible witness to back me up, so, if nothing else, “I” know I’m not crazy.

The flying saucer in Santa Teresa is definitely the story I have the hardest time believing myself, but as I recant those few brief moments year after year, the memory is clear, NOTHING ever could have done what this UFO had that late afternoon in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

It all started about a week before. Every day around 5 pm I’d head from the little B&B on the beach I was staying at to the beach to watch the sunset. I noticed each day the first of what would later be many stars but this one really got my attention, it was still almost light, it was VERY bright and it was due West just above the horizon.

I finally concluded it was most likely a satellite and thought little more about it. At the end of the week one of my friends from Lake Tahoe had arrived and at that critical moment he arrived on the beach to catch the sunset with me, just as he arrived I saw what I thought was that same satellite off on the horizon, this time though a little further towards the north and a little earlier than normal, just as my friend arrived I said, “hey Rob, what do you think that light is out there?” and in the time it took me to say those words, from what seemed thousands of miles away and just a spec of light, it seemed to arrive within a few miles of the shore at least 100 times brighter than ever before, and just as quickly as it arrive straight into us, it cut an pure 90 degree angle to our left and moved in a split second to the end of the beach about 10 miles away and in one more split second made another sharp 90 degree cut back out towards the ocean and in about one second went from bright to little to nothing, BAM, GONE!

All this took less than 2 seconds start to finish, as quickly as the words left my mouth it had arrived and departed and a moment later my friend Rob looked at me and said, “that my friend would be a flying saucer”. What else could we do but laugh, Oh my God, we just saw a flying saucer!!!!

Since then I actually built a little boutique yoga and surf resort up the beach from that B&B. I have never seen another, it was definitely once in a lifetime, I’m glad for the experience and wish everyone could have something like that to treasure all their life. I owe so much to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 20,000 waves I’ve rode, 2000 amazing sunsets, a dozen double rainbows, and yes, that UFO believe it or not.

I can’t promise you UFO’s but if you want the most Unforgettable Fantastic Out of this world holiday, Santa Teresa is sure to deliver, recent recipient of the Trip Advisers’ Award for 2010 #1 Beach in Central and South America.

So don’t wait any longer, airfares are at an all time low, come see why extraterrestrials agree, Santa Teresa is out of this world AMAZING!

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