Santa Teresa: A Land Of Many Rainbows!

Costa Rica Vacations in Santa Teresa

A double rainbow is Santa Teresa in a common sight

One day I was out in front of Red Palm Villas, my Costa Rica Hotel, I was surfing the famous Suck Rock wave. It was a typical November day, it had been sunny all day, almost too, at the end of the day, around 5 pm a few clouds rolled in and we had a brief shower, at that moment the wind died down so I decided to have a surf session.

As I paddled out I saw the beginning of a rainbow just starting, another common thing in Santa Teresa Costs Rica, seems like more often than not there are rainbows, sometimes doubles, I’ve personally seen quite a few.

In the year 2000 I began visiting primarily for Costa Rica surf vacations and just regular Costa Rica Vacations. In all those years I had seen a lot of amazing sunsets, ones that looked like lava flows equal to their famous Arenol Volcano, a place I love to visit. I tell a lot of people who come on Costa Rica Vacations that the first sunset is nice but don’t leave the beach until you’ve seen the second, usually even more beautiful than the first. The second sunset is this amazing second show not to be missed, the “after sunset sunset”.

Costa Rica Resort is a pot of gold

This Costa Rica Resort is a pot of gold!

Anyway, this day is one day I’ll treasure forever. I was sitting out on Suck Rock catching some waves, as I was waiting I was watching this rainbow forming up in the sky, as the minutes passed it got more and more clear and the colors deeper and deeper. It finally got to a point it was a full rainbow, very dark and deep in color and the thing which amazed me the most, it was ending at what appeared to be right in my property, the Red Palm Villas.

We all know that saying, “at the end of a rainbow lies a pot of gold”, this was crazy, I had never in my life been so close to actually seeing the end of a rainbow, for me they always seemed to end before they hit the ground or land so far away I could never get there to see it in time. Today seemed different though, this rainbow was 200 yards in front of me and from my position it looked like it was clearly landing in my back yard.

That was enough for me to call it a day and catch in the very next wave. I quickly got to shore, grabbed my board, unstrapped my leash and jogged inside the Red Palm Villas Resort, through the almond grove and to the bridge which connects the front of the property to the back, as I arrived at that bridge, my friend and caretaker of all my dogs was standing there with his back to me, obviously he saw what I saw, a rainbow landing in the yard, I walked up to him, I was in complete dismay, I had never in my life seen something so AMAZING and magical, a rainbow landing in my yard!!!! He was smiling, we both had just seen something most will never experience in their life. For me, it was a sign of good fortune to have caught that moment with him, a trusted and dedicated employee who had been there with me since almost the very beginning.

Looking back in retrospect, it all now makes sense, I just never knew it or saw it that way before, Red Palm Villas was my pot of gold, it’s definitely a treasure most will never know in their life and it’s one I can say I have had the utmost pleasure to be a part of and experience fully from magical surf and yoga sessions to sunrise and sunset strolls through the sweetest gardens I have ever know, full of heavenly scents from the Ylang Ylang and night blooming jasmines to flavors of our special grafted mango’s and citrus gardens, imagine all this and then to be experienced on one of the TOP 10 Beaches in the WORLD and recently Voted #1 Beach in Central and South America for 2010.

If you or anyone wants to discover what’s at the end of the rainbow, come to the exclusive Red Palm Villas Resort and if you want to own that pot of gold, it’s for sale and the price is  3.6 MM.

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