Santa Teresa…what a great place to live!

Santa Teresa Costa Rica sunset

Santa Teresa Costa Rica, Living in Paradise

Santa Teresa Costa Rica is known as the #1 beach in Central and South America, full of charms that attract many tourists but what if you decide to make Santa Teresa not only a tourist destination, what if you decide to make it your home?  I can say from my own experience that would be one of the most wonderful experiences you can live.

Santa Teresa with its stunning beaches and many natural boundaries may also be the place to set your home, have your own business or find a very good job opportunity. Being a highly touristic area offers opportunities for good investment potential in real estate, hotel and tourist services as well as being an excellent employment opportunity.  Investors, artists, surfers, fishermen … we have everything, but without the stress of big cities!

Santa Teresa is a natural paradise and allows you to enjoy its beauty and charm while offering a great opportunity to have a better quality of life. I can say it based on my experience, I came as a tourist and now I set my home here and that’s the story of many people in Santa Teresa. What also makes Santa Teresa a much more interesting place to live are the multinational cultures who have settled in this quaint beachside community.

Children & Families Love Santa Teresa Beach

And if you have children, what better than to give them a natural and healthy environment in touch with nature? It’s the best you can offer to them! Can you imagine them playing in the sand? Hardly anything compares to children’s fascination as they play in the sand and swim in the shimmering sea and rolling waves. It’s really delightful to see them discover nature and its gifts.

Santa Teresa beach babyMy son who was born in the city was used to the cars noise and pollution. After moving here I can’t help admiring his face when he smiles with joy and curiosity watching the squirrels playing around and the monkeys jumping from branch to branch.  At night he lifts up his head and gets really amazed at how many stars he sees in this beautiful sky, his face say it all, even I am still amazed by all this beauty!

And it’s not just about surfing, Santa Teresa has many family activities intended to unify the family and community.  Simple things such as sharing a sunset or a barbecue with friends and family to enjoying yoga, gardening or even extreme sports or activities, there’s something for everyone.

An example of family activities that can be found in Santa Teresa are the “Sunday family gatherings” with Purasonica and hosted in Rocamar Beach Lounge, where families gather to enjoy delicious dishes, beach hula hoops, children outdoor cinema, beach bonfire, Brazilian capoeira, good music and more activities to have a really nice beach day together in an amazing beachfront lounge.

uncrowded beach Costa Rica Santa TeresaSanta Teresa is an ideal environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, free of violence and with total access to outdoor sports and multicultural schools while offering a very good level of community services, development and investment opportunities, what else could you ask for?

I’m in the right place at the right time, I can definitely say, Santa Teresa, what a great place to live!


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