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Santa Teresa Costa Rica Yoga

Cris Paez - Santa Teresa's Yoga Master

Santa Teresa Costa Rica has been the recipient of many titles and awards, anything from One of the TOP 10 Beaches in the World, “Forbes Magazine”, to #7 Most Beautiful Beach in the World, “Conde Nast Traveler” and most recently #1

Beach in Central and South America, “TripAdvisor Travelers Award”.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Santa Teresa Costa Rica is also home to an amazing one of a kind yogic community and more important, to a young master yogi who is truly on the rise in international circles.

Cris Paez, Brazilian born, world traveler, spiritual yoga mentor, mother, wife and valued member of our community has been living in and teaching yoga here for the past 7 years.

Her credentials are impressive but more than those, her own intuitive yogic pursuit since the age of 12, her vision, essence and dedication has elevated her to a position of great stature in the eyes of many yoga practitioners. Barely 5 foot tall in a petite 100 pound frame when she walks into your presence she seems much larger than life.

Being an injured athlete and practitioner of yoga, I have had the greatest pleasure to work with Cris and watch her develop her skill and ability over the past 5 years to the

Costa Rica yoga retreats

Feel the prana in the air

point today I can clearly say after traveling and practicing yoga on more than 4 continents, she is a true master and the greatest teacher/mentor I have ever had and her bio clearly understates her wisdom and knowledge.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica was once a secret surf spot back in the 80′s and 90′s. Eventually like all beautiful secret spots, word gets out and it’s no longer a secret. Often that can be the demise of a small community but in the case of Santa Teresa it brought a crowd who was passionate about surf and nature and were willing to forgo certain niceties like malls, roads, sometimes water and electricity, to escape to a place called Paradise on the Pacific side of Central Costa Rica, about 6 hours by car from it’s capitol San Jose.

And from there grew what is today a very eclectic beach community along a pristine strand of beach dotted with a few luxuryCosta Rica Resorts, small boutique hotels, bungalows, amazing restaurants serving an all inclusive international variety of cuisines and an unusually high density of yoga centers, hotels and resorts.

So if you have been thinking of taking a Costa Rica Vacation, the time could never be better, airfares are at an all time low, this is the slow season so most hotels have special packages and offer discounted rates and often give FREE upgrades.

And if a Costa Rica Yoga vacation or retreat has been on your mind, Cris Paez is a name to remember and The Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Hotel or Milarepa Hotel are two places you you can contact to find out more about her yoga packages and available dates.

For a luxury Costa Rica yoga retreat, Costa Rica vacations, destination weddings or a Costa Rica honeymoon go to our packages section for more information.

To inquire call 888 405 0201 or for more information

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