Costa Rica Dishes and Drinks to Try on Your Vacation

Costa Rica Dishes and Drinks to Try on Your Vacation Honeymoon

Costa Rica Dishes & cuisine You and your newly betrothed are starting out on a new life together, so what better time than your beach honeymoon to try some new Costa Rica dishes and drinks. It may not be France or Italy, but Costa Rica offers plenty of opportunities for food tourism.

One of the best things about Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is the freshness of the food. The sumptuously juicy tropical fruit was probably picked somewhere nearby. The full-flavored, smooth coffee was grown and harvested onTropical-fruits costa rica one of Costa Rica’s many farms. The tortilla went from the stovetop directly to your plate and the cheese that accompanied it came from a cow down the street. The fish was pulled from the sea that very morning. The food you eat on your honeymoon might just be the freshest you have ever had.

No Costa Rica Honeymoon would be Complete without Trying Some Traditional Costa Rican Dishes

Costa Rica Gallo PintoBreakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Back home you may have a bowl of corn flakes or a bagel, but the breakfast du jour in Costa Rica is gallo pinto. Gallo pinto is a dish consisting of rice and beans cooked in salsa lizano and cilantro served with an egg on top and cheese on the side. You get to choose if the egg is fried or scrambled. This may not exactly sound like the breakfast of champions, or even a remotely tempting morning meal, but it is actually pretty amazing – especially if you had a little too much to drink the night before.

Costa Rican lunches are usually heavier than the dinners, so the typical casado is a hugeCasado plate Costa Rica plate of food that you must try at least once on your honeymoon. A casado usually consists of some sort of meat, fried plantains, rice, beans, and a cabbage salad. They vary by restaurant and region, but that’s usually the deliciously satisfying meal that you’ll get. If you don’t want to eat so heavily in the middle of the day, casados are generally also available for dinner.

The Costa Rica cuisine really shines when it comes to dessert. One can find tres leches all over Latin America, but this deliciously sweet cake that also manages to be light enough to eat even in the hottest of weather is considered the national dessert. They do it incredibly well and it is not to be missed.

If you’re looking for something healthier, a bite of a Costa Rica pineapple, mango, cantaloupe, or guava will definitely satisfy the sweet tooth.

The Perfect Drinks to Celebrate Your Costa Rica Honeymoon

Costa-Rica-CoffeeCosta Rica is a coffee drinker’s dream come true. Much of the coffee grown in the country comes from the higher elevations where the weather is cooler, which makes for a rich and full-bodied flavor that will always leave you craving more. Enjoy as much of the coffee as you can while you are here, and remember to stock up on bags to bring home.

You will never be able to enjoy another smoothie after you taste the ones made in Costa Rica. They are called refrescos and are simply made of fruit and ice blended together. The fruit is so sweet and delicious here that this is all you need. When in season, the cantaloupe refrescos are to die for.

And of course, no Costa Rica honeymoon would be complete without a guaro shot. It tastesCosta Rica Cacique Guaro cocktail like rubbing alcohol and burns going down, but two shots are enough to keep you going the whole night. At about $1 a pop, it makes for an inexpensive night with lots of laughs.
Although decent Chilean wine can be found in most stores and restaurants, those out for a tamer night than the guaro would allow should stick to beer. Imperial is the national beer of Costa Rica found everywhere, and Imperial Light is available in some establishments for those who want to watch the calories.

shrimp-saladCosta Rica may not be known for their food, but there are plenty Costa Rica dishes to keep those taste buds happy and your bellies full.

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