Beach Honeymoon Planning Tips

Tips for Planning Your Costa Rica Honeymoon

A honeymoon in Costa Rica is guaranteed to be unforgettable no matter where or when you go. From its volcanoes to its rainforests to its beaches, Costa Rica’s stunning and unique beauty never disappoints. Even though it is a pretty small country geographically, there is so much to do and see that many couples have a difficult time making plans.

The number one thing to remember when planning your Costa Rica honeymoon is not to cram in too many destinations. While Costa Rica is a small country, its notoriously bad road system makes travel a bit more difficult than you are probably used to back home. For a one-week honeymoon, most couples find that staying in one place is the best option. This way you can really get to know a Costa Rican town and enjoy all sorts of different activities without the stress of travel. It is possible to visit two Costa Rican destinations in one week for a more action-packed honeymoon if you travel by air, and two to four destinations are possible in a two-week honeymoon.

Another consideration is the weather. Costa Rica has a dry and a rainy season, but the country’s various regions experience these seasons in different ways and at different times. Put in a little research before deciding on when and where to go. You are guaranteed days of sunshine during the dry season, but that is also when there are more crowds and prices are higher. Traveling to Costa Rica during the rainy season doesn’t mean that there will be rain the entire day; it just means that it will rain for at least part of the day almost every day. You can still enjoy a Costa Rica honeymoon during the rainy season, especially since prices are lowest during this time. Shoulder seasons provide the best of both worlds – less rain and lower prices.

Also make sure to look at your honeymoon budget as a couple before planning begins. Not only is this good practice for marriage, it will help prevent arguments later on. You can get a lot more for your money in Costa Rica than in other popular honeymoon destinations like Hawaii and the Bahamas, but it is still a good idea to decide on how you want to spend your money.

What Type of Costa Rica Honeymoon do you Want?

This brings us to perhaps the most important question to answer when planning your Costa Rica honeymoon: What kind of experience are you and your partner looking for? Do you want to pack in as many exhilarating activities as possible or are you interested in a more lazy time? Do you want to interact with a lot of different people or do you want to spend most of your time alone as a couple?

Decide on the type of honeymoon that you both want and that will lead you to decide whether to spend your trip on Costa Rica’s coast or enjoying one of its inland destinations. Both are uniquely beautiful and offer up a range of adventure activities while still allowing plenty of opportunities for relaxation. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is a particularly popular choice for those who want to enjoy the beauty of one of the best beaches in the world, while still being close enough to the jungle to go exploring and see some wildlife.

How Much Effort do you want to Expend Planning Your Costa Rica Honeymoon?

Do you and your partner enjoy planning? For some people planning a vacation is half the fun. These couples will have a blast figuring out their own accommodation and booking their own activities. Many couples, however, are so burnt out after planning their wedding that they just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. These couples should look into Costa Rica’s all-inclusive resorts or a Costa Rica vacation package where everything is taken care of for you.

So, before wedding planning wears you out too much, sit down with your fiancé and have a quick talk about what you want to get out of your Costa Rica honeymoon. Once you get the basics down, planning will be a piece of cake.

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