Relaxing Honeymoon Activities in Santa Teresa

Relaxing Honeymoon Activities in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica honeymoon activitiesSanta Teresa, Costa Rica has a multitude of adrenalin-pumping activities, but it also has plenty of opportunities for Costa Rica honeymooners to just relax. There are no rules dictating that you have to see and do everything on your honeymoon. This is a time for you and your newly-betrothed to spend time together and celebrate your marriage before jumping back into real life. It is also a time for you to recover from the amazingly fun and thoroughly exhausting event that was your wedding. So sit back and relax and enjoy your Costa Rica honeymoon Activities.

Honeymoon Activities to Pamper Your Body in Santa Teresa

One of the best ways to come down from the craziness of your wedding and get intohoneymoon activities on the beach relaxation mode is to get spa treatments. A couples’ massage is a wonderful way to relax and bond with your partner, but individual massages are equally divine. And who says that you can only get one? Indulge yourself with a daily massage, and don’t be afraid to try out different techniques. If you really want to pamper your body, try out a variety of spa treatments including wraps, facials, exfoliations, body scrubs, manicures, and pedicures.
Santa Teresa is also home to a number of yoga centers where honeymooners can stretch out kinks after a long flight or particularly strenuous surf lesson. Whether a first-timer or an experienced practitioner, yoga helps to clear the mind and center the body like no other activity. There are few things more peaceful and relaxing than listening to the rhythmic sound of the ocean’s waves and the call of exotic birds while stretching out into a yoga pose in the early morning.

Relaxing Activities in the Costa Rican Sun

best Honeymoon Activities in Santa TeresaSanta Teresa’s beach is one of the top ten most beautiful in the world and the best in Central America. Sure you chose it as a honeymoon destination because the area has so much to offer in the way of adventure and exploration, but you also chose it for its beach. How nice it is to lie out on your towel on pristine white sand with palm trees gently rustling their leaves above and the emerald ocean stretching past your toes to meet the infinite blue of the sky. Playa Santa Teresa is so peaceful and beautiful that it lulls you into a state of relaxation so profound that you cannot help but succumb to sleep. The absolute best way to find relaxation in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is to spend the day doing absolutely nothing at the beach.

Of course there is no reason to limit yourself to the beach, as pretty as it may be. Another way to soak in the sun while on your Costa Rican honeymoon is to head out to sea. Charter a captained boat and try your hand at fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Let your mind wander as you drop your line into the water and gaze off into the distance. Relish the sun warmingbeach relaxation honeymoon sunsets your skin while the ocean breezes cool your brow. The sway of the boat in the gently rolling swells is as comforting as a baby’s cradle. Only when you feel a tug on the line does your mind come back to reality.

If fishing on a speed boat doesn’t spell relaxation for you, however, charter a manned sailboat. You can do some fishing, but the real beauty of a sailboat is its quiet elegance as the wind pushes you smoothly through the water. Lie out together on the deck and become entranced by the snap and flap of the sails above; relax in the peacefulness of your wind-powered ride.

Enjoy all of the fun and exciting activities that Santa Teresa & Costa Rica has to offer, but remember to also take the time to pamper your body and soul. A Costa Rica honeymoon just wouldn’t be complete without spending some days dedicating to some well-earned laziness. After all, it’s an escape isn’t it?

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