Romantic Daytime Honeymoon Activities in Mal Pais

In a place as beautiful as Costa Rica the romance doesn’t begin and end with a candlelit dinner. There are so many ways to make your honeymoon unforgettably romantic, even during the daylight hours.

Carve Out Your Own Piece of Paradise on Your Costa Rica Honeymoon

You spent the first part of your marriage surrounded by a crowd of people. True they were all your nearest and dearest, but now all you want to do is indulge in a little bit of one-on-one time with your newly betrothed. Santa Teresa is almost completely devoid of the crowds usually found in Costa Rica resort towns, which makes it the perfect place for honeymooners to find a little bit of solitude.

Though every wedding is a wonderful event, one that you will cherish for the rest of your life, they can also be rather stressful. Start your Costa Rica honeymoon off right by melting your tension away with a couple’s massage. As the massage therapists work away those knots and your body relaxes so much that you feel like a puddle mush, let your mind slowly empty. You will never have to think about napkin colors ever again. There will be no more seating charts in your life from now on. And you will never, ever again have to worry about Uncle Frank drunkenly hitting on the bridesmaids. This is your honeymoon and you are with the person you love. And now you can begin your life together stress-free.

Nothing spells out romance like a picnic lunch on the beach. Arrange a packed lunch at your hotel or get take out from one of Santa Teresa’s sumptuous little cafes. Don’t forget to bring a blanket or towel. Rent some bicycles and explore the area’s pristine, white sand beaches. Or, if biking isn’t your thing, take a leisurely stroll down Playa Santa Teresa. Luxuriate in the beauty around you and the company of your husband or wife beside you. When you spot a suitable place away from the other sun worshipers enjoying their Costa Rica beach vacation, lay out your blanket and set up your lunch spread. It may not be a four star French restaurant, but this will probably be one of the most romantic and tasty meals of your life.

Sometimes even one other person on the beach with you is one too many. For complete and utter solitude, charter a boat and set out for a nice little cruise along the coast. Enjoy the cool ocean air blasting your face as you cut through the waves. Look back at shore, and let the awe-inspiring beauty of the lush green jungle, perfectly white sand, and deep blue water wash over you. When you find a nice spot, put down anchor and enjoy a nice lunch. Throw in a line to do some fishing or jump overboard for a nice snorkel or swim. It’s just the two of you, so let your imagination run wild.

When you’re ready to join the world of people again, at least for a little while, join a group tour. Horseback riding always seems like a rather romantic thing to do, especially when you ride through the jungle to one of the area’s fabulous waterfalls. Through your hotel or one of Santa Teresa’s many tour companies, sign up for a horseback riding tour. They usually only last for a couple of hours and culminate with a dip in the cool, fresh water of the pool at the bottom of a gorgeous cascade.

Romance is everywhere you look at the beaches of Santa Teresa & Mal Pais; it is up to you to carve out your own little bit of paradise.

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