Tips for Choosing the Perfect Luxury Hotel for your Costa Rica Honeymoon

Choosing-the-Perfect-Luxury hotelEveryone has a different concept of luxury and the perfect honeymoon destination. Some would like to spend an entire week in a secluded all-inclusive resort. Others want to surround themselves with clubs and fine dining restaurants. And yet others want to have a luxurious, yet authentic, experience. Luckily Costa Rica has a lot of different types of luxury hotels from which to choose.

The first step in choosing the perfect luxury hotel for your Costa Rica honeymoon is to decide what type of atmosphere you would like. If you and your fiancé plan on going out every night to bars and clubs, but don’t mind a more crowded beach, then choose a hotel on a popular beach where you will constantly be surrounded by other like-minded tourists. For those who are more interested in the natural beauty of Costa Rica than a vibrant nightlife, choose a smaller town with boutique hotels and a beautiful beach. You would also be more likely to interact with locals and have an “authentic” experience in the less touristy towns.

When seeking out privacy and romance, you don’t have to necessarily spend your honeymoon in the middle of nowhere. Find a hotel that offers villas instead of hotel rooms. Villas will allow you and your newly-betrothed to create your own little romantic hideaway. Many villas feature private gardens or terraces where you can enjoy Costa Rica’s lush and unique nature in private.

All-Inclusive or A La Carte

Some luxury resorts and hotels provide their guests with everything they could possiblyLuxury hotel tips want. Usually housed in large compounds, amenities often include a pool, restaurant, private beach, and spa. You could spend your entire honeymoon within the resort without ever feeling the need to venture out. This is a wonderful option for people who don’t want to be hassled with anything, but all-inclusive resorts tend to be more expensive and lack local charm.

Honeymooners who want to experience Costa Rica and not just the inside of a resort would probably feel more comfortable in an “a la carte” luxury hotel. This way you and your spouse can enjoy truly and uniquely luxurious accommodations, but still explore the cuisine at the local restaurants and chat with Costa Ricans over an Imperial beer at the local watering hole. Instead of being herded around with 20 others on package deal tours, you can work with the hotel staff to create your own personalized and private tours. Find a boutique hotel or resort and design your own special Costa Rica honeymoon.

Separating the Good from the Bad

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Luxury Hotel for your Costa Rica HoneymoonOnce you know what type of honeymoon destination and hotel you are interested in, it is time to start researching. Look at the amenities offered, proximity to desired attractions, and the type of accommodations. Read the hotel descriptions to get a feel for the place. Will you get personalized service there or will you be just one of many tourists passing through? And don’t forget that a picture is worth a thousand words. Look carefully at hotel photos and consider whether the rooms are actually that big, or if the camera angle and lens just makes them appear that way.

After narrowing down your honeymoon destination to about three luxury hotel options, look for feedback and reviews from other travelers. Don’t limit your research to the hotels’ websites; look on and similar sites. Remember to read everything with a grain of salt and disregard outliers. If a couple people had a terrible time, but the vast majority loved the hotel, pay the most attention to the majority.

Before planning your Costa Rica honeymoon, decide what kind of trip you and your fiancé would like to have and then do your research. Follow your instincts and remember that no matter which luxury hotel or resort you choose, you are sure to have amazing time. After all, you’re on your honeymoon and you’re in Costa Rica!

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  1. Alex Quinn says:

    My girlfriend and I are planning a Costa Rica trip for next March, but we are still undecided on if we should book a hotel, vacation rental, or just take the all inclusive package. We are starting to lean towards booking a hotel or vacation rental because it would feel less touristy, but I must say the Red Palm Villas look awesome. Definitely going to have to keep them in the back of my head when we book in August. I do have a few questions though. Does Red Palm Villas offer any excursions to San Jose at all ? Most people rule out the city but it looks like a lot of history and culture to be found there. Lastly, do you have a facebook or twitter page that I could follow ? When I am booking a vacation it is easier for me to find the places I like if I have them incorporated on my social media accounts. Thanks!

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