Best Places for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Santa Teresa

Best Places for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica may be a small surf town, but it has a wonderful selection of restaurants serving up both international and local cuisines. Because it is a coastal town, freshly caught seafood is a delight on every menu no matter how it is prepared. Santa Teresa’s tropical climate means that fresh tropical fruit is also readily available and present on the menus of every restaurant. Pineapples and mangos just seem sweeter in Costa Rica than they do back in the States.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Restaurant for your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Although Santa Teresa’s wealth of tasty dining options is great, it makes the decision of where to have your rehearsal dinner that much more difficult. The important thing to remember when making this decision is that while it is your night and you want to choose a restaurant that makes your taste buds sing, you also need to keep in mind the tastes of your guests. Are their many children and older guests, who are often pickier about their food? Do many of your guests have allergies to things like gluten, nuts, and dairy? What about vegetarians? You should try to pick a restaurant that has a menu with a variety of items to choose from or can cater to special dietary needs.

Another issue to keep in mind is space. Since you are having a beach destination wedding, most of your guests will probably fly in early. That means that your rehearsal dinner will be a bit larger than normal. You may have found the cutest restaurant with the best food, but their seating capacity is about twenty. That would not work for anything except the smallest of weddings. Look for a place that can handle large groups; not only will they have the space to accommodate everyone, but the wait staff will have more experience serving large tables. This will make the evening go much more smoothly.

And then, of course, ambiance is another thing to take in consideration when choosing a venue for your rehearsal dinner. You are in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Choose a restaurant that makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. While there are many hole in the wall sodas that serve up some scrumptious food, it would be more fun to welcome your guests to the country with dinner in a place that doesn’t have Formica tables and plastic lawn chairs for furniture. Save the sodas for lunch or breakfast. Find a place with a great patio or unique interior, perhaps someplace with an ocean view.

Although a dinner in Costa Rica is a lot less expensive than one back home, keep prices in mind. Get a good understanding of what the parents can afford and discuss the restaurant choice with them. They’ll feel included and it might be nice to have help with the decision.

Top Restaurants in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

So now that you have an idea of the type of restaurant you’d like to use as a venue for your rehearsal dinner, let’s take a look at some dining options in Santa Teresa. One of the best restaurants in town is Koji, a Japanese restaurant that serves up some melt-in-your-mouth sushi along with some other delicious seafood dishes. Brisas del Mar is another fan favorite. Its delicious international menu is matched only by the stunning view of the sun setting into the ocean. Restaurante Alma de Santa Teresa offers up a fun and unique setting with some of the best fish dishes in town. Pranamar is a nice option in a resort setting with ocean views. It specializes in local and Asian cuisines. Kika’s Argentinean chef serves up delicious international cuisine that guests can enjoy while listening to some live music in the courtyard. A fun choice!

Still can’t decide? Ask your hotel staff about their favorite restaurants or go around to each restaurant for some serious taste testing. Rest assured, though, that you’ll have a unique and delicious rehearsal dinner in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica no matter what restaurant you choose.

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