Grooms beach wedding attire

Grooms: What to Wear for Your Costa Rica Beach Wedding

Groom beach wedding attireLet’s face it; traditional weddings don’t leave a lot of room for creativity when it comes to what the groom wears. Vest or cumberbund? Tie or bowtie? Tails or no tails? And that’s about it. A tuxedo is always dashing, but doesn’t always provide a lot of wiggle room for showing your personality.

One of the wonderful things about Costa Rica beach weddings is that they are usually a lot more casual than the traditional ceremony. This means that the groom can get just as creative as the bride with his attire, which can range from a three piece suit to swim trunks. Before you get carried away, however, just remember how much you laughed at the picture of your dad’s ruffled, powder blue tux that he wore at his wedding. Fads come and go, and you don’t want to be caught wearing something at your wedding that your kids will laugh at some day.

You also don’t want to wear something that is inappropriate. Try to express yourself without shocking Great Aunt Margaret; save the Speedo for the honeymoon. And speaking of honeymoons, you want o have one. Make sure that your bride is on board with your attire. Also think about the mood that you and your bride want to set for the wedding. If you are going for laidback and beachy, a black tux or navy blue three piece wool suit would Groom beach wedding ideasnot be very appropriate – especially if your bride is wearing a casual sundress. You want to look good, but you do not under any circumstance want to upstage the bride.

Remember that it is also pretty hot and humid in Costa Rica. Unless you want to be remembered as the groom with pit stains, dress accordingly. Eschew the wool for linen or cotton, which will breathe better in the heat. While a colorful shirt is a great way to let your personality shine through, think about whether or not it will show sweat. Also make sure that the color is in line with your wedding colors and fine with your bride.

Is it OK to Wear Shorts at Your Costa Rica Wedding on the Beach?

Wearing shorts can be either appropriate or inappropriate depending on the casualness of your wedding. If your wedding is very casual and the bride is wearing a short sundress, shorts would be fine. You should not wear shorts, however, if she is wearing a long dress and if the wedding is more formal. A good rule of thumb is not to show any leg if the bride isn’t showing any leg. Another good rule of thumb is to ask your bride what she thinks about shorts.

Costa Rica Wedding Feet: To Wear Shoes or Not to Wear Shoes?

barefoot groomSome grooms may want to wear shoes for their wedding, even if it is on a beach. For these gentlemen, stick to boat shoes or another casual style that won’t require socks or look strange in a beach setting. In other words, try to stay away from the patent leather dress shoes.

Most guys, however, probably don’t relish the idea of emptying buckets of sand out of their shoes at the end of the ceremony. If the wedding is casual, go for the natural look and walk barefoot down the aisle. One word though: pedicure. If you are going to go barefoot at your wedding, you do not want to have gross feet. There are many manly men who get pedicures. Just think of it as an intense foot massage. And no, you do not have to get your toenails polished at the end…unless you want to, that is.

If going barefoot just seems too casual and real shoes make you cringe, think about Grooms what to wear for your Costa Rica Wedding - IMAGE 2wearing sandals. There are some nice looking, casual sandals out there. Just stay away from flipflops; you don’t want to spray sand all over the place with every step.

Everyone always says that a wedding is the bride’s day, but it’s really about both of you, so make sure that what you wear reflects both what you want and what your bride wants. And remember, you’re getting married in Costa Rica; you’ll enjoy it no matter what you’re wearing!

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