Costa Rica Yoga…luxury retreats at our beach front Costa Rica Resort

Variety – the Red Palm Villas Beach Resort offers a variety of Costa Rica yoga packages. We understand you have specific needs, we would never try to put everyone into a general category. Just as a restaurant has a menu of many appealing foods to satisfy a variety of tastes or appetities, our Costa Rica Resort has a menu of versatile yoga packages and a yoga master who is ready to prepare your daily requests and satisfy your particular tastes and needs.

Comprehensive – allow us to assist you in planning exactly what your body craves and desires. Together we can help orchestrate a perfect, one of a kind, Costa Rica Luxury yoga retreat, on Santa Teresa beach, the #1 Beach in Cental and South America,(2010 Travelers Award TripAdvisor). Be prepared to indulge your senses with a combination of regenerative foods, deep relaxing morning yoga stretches and asana’s, afternoons of massage and sunsets full of deep breathing and meditation as you allow the prana of life to fill your body, all in the tranquillity of our amazing beach front yoga sanctuary.

Inspiration - there’s a lot to be said about finding the right place and a space to flourish when practicing yoga. So many factors come into play; sight, sound, environment, fragrances, and of course, energy and compassion. It’s hard to imagine the ambiance, harmony and balance you will experience at our amazing Costa Rica resort. It’s one of those rare places where photo’s and words can never quite capture the essence or the truth, You will be inspired if not changed by your experience with Cris on our magical beach front Costa Rica resort.

Although we do offer a variety of Costa Rica yoga packages, we prefer to custom tailor one just for you. In essence, each day we offer a private yoga class on the beach, it can be one hour or all day, we start with an agenda and an intention but at the same time, we know you have needs and we want to be sure they are addressed when you come to our sanctuary to practice yoga.

Yoga is love and so, yoga is life. It’s about balance, living in harmony with self, being flexible in body, mind and spirit. I’d like to think our classes offer all that and more. Cris is one of a kind, we’re sure you’ll agree after one class, Cris has a special talent and that talent is sharing her yoga.

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