Santa Teresa Yoga Vacations

Santa Teresa Yoga Vacations- FEATUREImagine waking up every morning and welcoming the day with a sun salutation on the beach. As your body stretches and your breathing deepens, the soothing sounds of nature wash over you like a wave of serenity. Never before have you felt so strong and peaceful and relaxed. This is the way that yoga is meant to be enjoyed – surrounded by beauty and serenity.

Private Yoga Sessions in Santa Teresa

Yoga strengthens both the body and soul, taking you on a private journey towards inner peace and personal strength. It is strange, then, that most people practice yoga in large groups. In cities and on college campuses where yoga has become the ‘it’ thing to do, aYoga Vacations- PICTURE 1 class can have as many as 30 people in it. A yoga class is quite a public place to embark on such a private transformation that is both physical and mental by nature. With so many people in a class, the instructor cannot give the personal attention to each participant that is usually needed.

Private yoga sessions can be so much more rewarding than group classes.  For beginners who often feel self conscious about a lack of flexibility or imperfect form, a private session is a way to explore different yoga positions without embarrassment. The one-on-one Santa Teresa Yogainstruction will also help a beginner perfect their form and avoid injury. Advanced yoga practitioners will also find private sessions helpful since the instructor can design personalized classes that will provide the perfect amount of challenge.

The Red Palm Villas offers customizable yoga packages for those interested in starting off the mornings of their luxury vacation with private yoga sessions.  Each day vacationers enjoy morning meditations, yoga stretches, breathing exercises, asana’s, instruction on theory, and sunset meditation – all within the natural luxury of the resort’s beachfront yoga sanctuary. All packages include massages, an afternoon adventure activity, and rejuvenating breakfasts. The Red Palm Villas is the perfect setting for finding you center, and its yoga packages leave time in between sessions to experience the beauty and excitement that Costa Rica has to offer.

Group Yoga Classes in Santa Teresa

You won’t find overcrowded rooms with florescent lighting in Santa Teresa yoga studios. There will never be a class where you feel neglected by the instructor. A group yoga class will be a very different experience in Santa Teresa than back home. Here you will move through your stretches surrounded by beauty. Most studios are open-air so that students can feel the cool ocean breezes, hear the calls of tropical birds, and admire the breathtaking coastal view. In classes of no more than 10 students, the instructor will yoga locations costa ricaalways be able to make adjustments to your form and guide you through your personal journey. A yoga vacation should be relaxing and rejuvenating, and the Santa Teresa studios do everything in their power to deliver.

Perhaps Santa Teresa’s most well-known place for group yoga classes, the Horizon Ocean View Hotel & Yoga Center offers daily Sivananda, Vinyasa, and pilates mat classes. Visitors can buy sessions individually or in discounted packages of four or eight. This way you can stay in the Santa Teresa hotel or resort of your choosing, do a variety of activities, and drop in for as many yoga classes as you want. Horizon also offers yoga retreats for those who want to spend the majority of their vacation practicing yoga.

Whether you are interested in making yoga the focal point of your Costa Rica vacation, or simply one of your many activities, you are sure to find something in Santa Teresa that caters to your needs.

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