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Crisitina’s Yoga Bio

Cristina Paes was born in Brazil in 1979.

After an early urge to enlightenment and truth as a child, at the age of 30 years old, Cris already had 12 years of experience in the practice of yoga.

When Cris turned 18 she was a constant student of Hatha and Bhakti yoga, and from this daily practice began her official apprenticeship, learning several lineages of yoga, living and traveling a yogic life in communities for about 4 years. Cris spent a few months in a vaishnava “Hare Krishna” ashram in the mountains of Chile, and then went to India to observe the Hindu way of life and practice of yoga.

She was a full time student at Swasthya Yoga School in Brazil where she studied for one year and a half.

Then in Guatemala, she had a short encounter with the practice of Kundalini yoga of Sri Bhajan.

She’s been living and teaching yoga in Costa Rica for the past 6 years.

Recently Cris journeyed to India for her second time where she finished an advanced course on classic Hatha yoga, Patanjali yoga sutras, ayurved and yogic lifestyle in Yoga Vidya Dham school from a directed disciple of swami Satyananda of Bihar School of Yoga .

In July 2009 Cris had the pleasure to be a participant of a yoga seminar in England where she met and was initiated by swami Satyasangananda from Bihar School of Yoga . It had always been Cris’s dream to be part of this tradition since her initial contact as a teenager.

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The first five days of your Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Schedule with Cris

DAY 1: DAY 2:
Lecture on yoga definition and yoga sutras. Asana-holding postures, pranayama, relax.Afternoon
Mantra chanting, Sun salutation, flowing asana, meditation.
Theory on subtle body, chakras and nadis. Asanas for each chakra, pranayama, relax.Afternoon
Gentle asanas, pranayama, chakra meditation.
DAY 3: DAY 4:
Yamas and niyamas, patanjali mantra, Asanas flow, pranayama, relax.Afternoon
Bhakti yoga. Mantra chanting, partner yoga.
Long permanence on asanas, meditation. Day of mauna, silence practice(optional).Afternoon
Sun salutation, yoganidra.
DAY 5:
Lecture on yoga definition and yoga sutras. Asana-holding postures, pranayama, relax.Afternoon
Gentle asanas, ananda meditation.Screenings One or two evenings we will view a movie or documentary on yoga.
Puja Ceremony
At this point, your journey can continue into more advanced breathing, asana´s, neti´s, theory and meditation for days, weeks or months longer.Or, if this is time for you to depart, Cris would finalize the retreat with the puja ceremony where we chant mantra and enjoy a sacred fire on the beach.
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