Eco Friendly Wedding Destination

Eco Friendly Wedding Destination- PICTURE 1Weddings have changed a lot over the decades. They were quick and simple during the 1940s due to the war, homespun and traditional during the 50s, and most of the weddings during the 60s were hippie if people got married at all. The 70s were filled with questionable fashion choices, the 80s with over-the-top gala-like weddings, and the 90s brides bought into the whole idea of a wedding establishment.

The first decade of the 2000s saw an increase in technology and creativity in weddings that began to break away from tradition. And now, what’s the biggest wedding craze in a world dominated by war, global warming, and a poor economy? Weddings with a conscious. That’s right; couples are now making efforts to ensure that their special day does not hurt the environment. Even a destination wedding can be earth-friendly, especially one in Costa Rica.

A Costa Rican Eco Friendly Wedding

The first major hurdle in planning an eco-friendly destination wedding is to choose aEco beach Destination resort or hotel that shares your environmental values. There are plenty of eco-friendly resorts to choose from in Costa Rica, but many of them are located in rather remote areas. If you would prefer a destination that is a little bit more accessible, decide on a town and then research which hotels and resorts are the most earth-friendly. Look for places that use energy efficient appliances, have large natural gardens instead of lawns, line dry clothes instead of using a machine, and don’t have swimming pools.

Flowers are perhaps the most wasteful part of a wedding, as well as one of the most expensive. Instead of flying in roses and other flowers not indigenous to Costa Rica, take advantage of your tropical setting. Orchids may be more expensive in the United States, Eco Friendly eatingbut they are found everywhere in Costa Rica. Use cut orchids for your bouquets and potted orchids for your centerpieces. The result will be both eco-friendly and stunning. Of course if you want to take it to the next level, you could always have non-floral centerpieces and make your bouquet out of antique broaches, paper flowers, or silk flowers. Crafty brides could have lots of fun getting creative with this.

Food is another area where weddings can be wasteful. Choose a buffet instead of plated dishes so that your guests can take as big a serving as they need. The leftovers can be sent home with catering staff or sent to local charities. Where you get the food for your reception is also an important part of an eco-friendly wedding. While it may be a bit difficult to find all organic ingredients in Costa Rica, it should be fairly easy to find restaurants or caterers who get their ingredients from local farms.

An Eco-Friendly Wedding Party Destination

Far too many brides and bridesmaids spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars onEco Friendly Wedding Destination- PICTURE 4 dresses and shoes that they will never wear again. There are plenty of eco-friendly attire options that will put less of a stress on wallets and the environment. The first option is to find organic dresses and vegan footwear. The second is to buy used or “vintage” dresses and shoes. This is especially nice for brides who can wear their grandmother or mother’s dress. If matching dresses isn’t a concern, a bride can tell her bridesmaids to wear shoes and dresses that they already have or buy ones that they are sure to wear again.

Eco-friendly attire for grooms is fairly easy. There are a few different websites where men can buy organic cotton attire that range from beachy slacks to suits. For more formal affairs, renting a tuxedo is a very eco-friendly option and many suits are made from wool, which is inherently eco-friendly.

With a little research and planning, an eco-friendly destination wedding to Costa Rica is really no less difficult to plan than a more traditional one.

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