Planning An Eco-Friendly Elopement in Costa Rica

One of the most eco-friendly ways to get married is to elope. Carbon emissions are cut down immensely without all of your nearest and dearest flying or driving in from all over the place to witness your nuptials. Fewer flowers are cut and flown in, not to mention the tremendous amount of food that is generally wasted during a wedding.

Elopements are wonderfully romantic and wonderfully earth-friendly. For those couples who want to go the extra mile, there are also plenty of other things that they can do to make their elopement have even less of an impact on the environment. One of those things is to go to Costa Rica for the elopement.

Planning Where to Elope

Costa Rica has become known for its eco-tourism. The entire country is well aware of the negative impact that humans can have on the environment. Since the Costa Rican economy is largely dependent upon the preservation of its rainforests, beaches, other ecosystems, many of the resorts have taken at least some measures to conserve resources. This makes it easier to find your dream elopement destination without sacrificing your commitment to the environment.

There are quite a few resorts located in middle of the rainforest that are focused on being as earth-friendly as possible. These are wonderful options for a Costa Rica elopement, but conservation is also important on the coasts. Even if a resort doesn’t market itself as eco-friendly, a little research will show its commitment to the environment. Some things to look for are eco-friendly appliances, natural gardens instead of large lawns, no pool, and affiliations with local conservation groups.

The government has also made it fairly easy for foreign couples to get married in Costa Rica. Those who allow an agency or resort to arrange their elopement logistics only have to make sure that they have up-to-date passports and follow up on the paperwork back in their home country.

And of course, Costa Rica is a beautiful and romantic place to elope. Whether you decide to get married in the forest, on top of a mountain, or on the beach, your elopement is sure to be both eco-friendly and spectacular.

How to Make a Costa Rica Elopement Even More Eco-Friendly

So, you and your fiancé have chosen to spend your elopement at a Costa Rican resort dedicated to conservation. This in itself is a beautiful way to show your commitment to each other and to the environment. There are a few little things, however, that you can do to make your elopement even more earth-friendly.

Travel, unless walking or rowing a boat, is always a drag for the environment. Luckily, Costa Rica isn’t that far away from the US. For less than $25 you can donate enough money to carbon-reducing organizations or have enough trees planted in your name to off-set you and your fiancé’s round trip travel between the US and Costa Rica. Just make sure to travel by commercial airline and not on a private or chartered plane.

Another way to keep your Costa Rican elopement eco-friendly is to be aware of where your decorations and food come from. Ask your resort to use only locally-sourced flowers for your bouquet and decorations. Costa Rica is filled with gorgeous orchids, which make for stunning flower arrangements and bouquets. A simple, potted orchid on your beachfront table for two might just be the perfect touch of elegance for your first dinner as a married couple. Costa Rica also has an abundance of fresh tropical fruits and small, local farms. It may be difficult to find a restaurant or caterer that uses organic ingredients, but it should be fairly easy to get some locally-sourced ones.

Elopements in Costa Rica are always magical, but with a few extra little touches, yours can also be as happy a day for the environment as it is for you and your newly-betrothed.

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