Choosing a Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica vs Greece

Costa Rica vs Greece- FEATUREYou want to go to the beach for your honeymoon. You can think of no better way to celebrate your marriage and decompress from wedding planning than soaking in some rays on the shore of some uniquely beautiful stretch of sand. That would be heaven. And you’d also like to get out of the country. After all, it is your honeymoon; there is no better excuse for international travel. But where to go to find your perfect beach getaway? Greece’s islands are all gorgeous and each has its own distinct culture and personality, as well as picturesque beaches lined with brilliantly-colored little towns. Costa Rica’s beaches are more tropical and the locale more exotic than Greece, though it’s short on ancient ruins.

A Greece Honeymoon: The Pros and Cons

Greece is an exciting place to visit, especially for those who want to mix up their beach time with trips to ruins. There is so much history all over the country, that a Greece honeymoon just wouldn’t be complete without at least visiting the Acropolis in Athens. And while a trip to Europe may not seem as immediately exotic as going to Asia or South America, the Greeks are different than the rest of Europe. They walk to the beat of theirChoosing a Honeymoon Destination1 own drum, and they’ve created quite a unique beat. There is no such thing as standing in line Greece, negotiations are full of friendly yelling, dinner does not begin until 10 pm, a meal doesn’t end until you have your shot of raki, and topless sunbathing is practically expected. Greece is beautiful and crazy and fun.

Greece is also chaotic and stressful and loud. The birthplace of democracy does not really like rules. Driving is a nightmare and while the Greeks love negotiating loudly and boisterously, it’s not something that most Americans want to do on their honeymoon. The Greeks are a proud lot, so their customer service is not always great. There is almost the expectation that you should thank them for allowing you to stay in their resort. And while the beaches are beautiful, they are usually small and are often filled with topless women and men in speedoes.

A Costa Rica Honeymoon: The Pros and Cons

Destination Costa Rica2Costa Rica’s chaos is of a different flavor than that found in Greece. While bargaining is appreciated in certain situations, the negotiations are usually more cajoling than aggressive. The horrendous driving found in Costa Rica results mainly from traffic and unlicensed drivers taking to the roads, not a complete disregard for rules. And while Latin culture is passionate and often loud, it is all in good fun.

Costa Rica is home to a different kind of beauty than that found in Greece. The beaches are long and bordered by tropical forests filled with monkeys and other exotic animals. Everyone gathers on the beaches at sunset instead of resting in their rooms. There is much more of a connection with nature.

Unlike Greece, however, Costa Rica does not have a lot of historical attractions. There are Choosing Costa Rica PICTURE 3no century-old ruins to wander around or truly fascinating museums to visit. Costa Rica specializes instead in adventure activities like ziplines, surfing, horseback riding to a waterfall, and hiking up a volcano.

The level of development found in Greece is not present in Costa Rica. While this means that Costa Rica’s beaches are generally more pristine, it also means that there are fewer amenities and that the poor roads make it harder to travel within the country. Costa Rica’s hospitality, however, makes up for what it lacks in infrastructure. The Costa Rican culture is truly welcoming and friendly.

Greece and Costa Rica are very different honeymoon destinations. Greece is great for those couples who would like to sightsee and go to the beach while experiencing a different culture without sacrificing any of the amenities found at home. Costa Rica is the place to go for a tropical honeymoon where enjoying nature and being pampered are the primary goals.

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