Costa Rica vs Hawaii for your vacation destination

Picking a Vacation Destination: Costa Rica vs. Hawaii

Costa Rica vs Hawaii for your vacation destinationYou’re tired of winter. Pulling on your snow boots and winter jacket makes you depressed. The monotonous grey and white of the snow and slush-covered city is so boring that you find yourself excited when a red fire engine passes by. It doesn’t even have to have its siren on; the color alone raises your spirits. You yearn to feel the sun on your skin again, to feel warmth from something besides your radiator.

It is time for a vacation, and not a visiting the relatives in Toledo vacation, a real vacation. Costa Rica vs Hawaii beachesSome place warm. Some place tropical. Some place where you can wear almost no clothing while listening to the ocean waves and sipping a fruity alcoholic drink. You’ve narrowed it down to two places, but you just can’t decide. The choice is too difficult. Hawaii or Costa Rica? Costa Rica or Hawaii? Which one to pick? Which one is the best place to go and use up half of your accrued vacation days? Costa Rica or Hawaii? Hawaii or Costa Rica?

A Hawaiian Vacation: The Pros and Cons

Costa Rica vs Hawaii activitiesGorgeous white sand beaches. Killer surf breaks. Luaus. Lays. Hula dancers. Volcanoes. Beautiful people. Hawaii has it all. It’s that place you’ve heard about and dreamed about your entire life. Hawaii is the United States’ little piece of paradise. It’s the one place where you can vacation without the need of a passport and feel like you’re in another country. Hawaii is a special place.

Yes, Hawaii is a special place, well, at least it was a special place. Like forty years ago when all of the beaches weren’t lined with high rise hotels or condos and filled with sunburned tourists. It was a paradise before developments and golf courses began to replace the ocean activities tropicaljungle. It was a great place for surfers to spend the summer, until skyrocketing prices made it too expensive.

Hawaii is a beautiful place, if you are one of the wealthy elite who can afford to rent a private villa on a private beach, which costs about the same amount as a small country. For most visitors, however, Hawaii is an overcrowded beach, a cheesy luau with mediocre food, and an overpriced tour that might get you a glimpse at a dot of lava “spewing” from a distant volcano.

A Costa Rican Vacation: The Pros and Cons

Hawaii or Costa Rica?While some parts of Costa Rica have fallen to the same sad fate as the Hawaii Islands, there are many gorgeous parts of the country that remain free of over development and pollution. Santa Teresa, for example, has been named one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, and its consistently good breaks make it a top surfing destination as well. This small beach town may not have luaus and lays, but a night out often starts with a breathtaking sunset on the beach and ends on a dance floor swaying to the rhythm of reggae tunes.

But Costa Rica’s charm doesn’t just come from its stunning stretches of white sand. A trip to Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete without flying through the canopy of the jungle on a zipline or taking in Arenal Volcano’s perfectly shaped cone. You can go whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, horseback riding, hiking, surfing, fishing – the options are limitless. And allCosta Rica vs Hawaii adventures for less than it would cost you to go out for a night out on the town in New York City.
Yes, visiting Costa Rica requires a passport, but isn’t it a great excuse to dust off your old one or get a new one? And yes, it is a Spanish-speaking country, but most Costa Rican resorts have at least some English-speaking staff. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on the phrases you learned in school way back when.

Costa Rica is an exotic vacation destination that is perfect for chasing away those wintertime blues. It’s a place for adventure and relaxation, a place where you can rough it or surround yourself with every luxury imaginable. Costa Rica is what Hawaii was 40 or 50 years ago, but you don’t need a time machine to get there; it’s just a short plane ride away.

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