Beach Wedding Hair ideas

The Perfect Beach Wedding Hair

Beach Wedding Hair ideasBy this point, you’ve probably spent more time pouring over wedding magazines than you’d care to admit. And by this point, you’ve probably also noticed that all of the brides in the pictures have perfect wedding hair. Even the sexy, tousled hair looks amazing. It is important to remember when planning your perfect Costa Rica beach wedding hair, however, that these women are in temperature-controlled studios where they have been worked on by a professional stylist for hours.  Recognize right now that the hair in the magazines is a fantasy. Your hair will never look like that, nor would you probably want it to after seeing it up close and in person.

The type of hairstyle that you want for your Costa Rica beach wedding is something that will still look good after you’ve stood on a breezy beach for an hour and then danced all night in the heat and humidity.

Conceiving the Perfect Costa Rica Beach Wedding Hair Ideas

When coming up with the conception for your Costa Rica wedding hairstyle, you must firstBeach wedding hair style answer this big question: Up, down, or half-up and half-down? And this should not be answered before taking a few things into consideration. The first is the weather. If you sweat a lot in the heat or get out-of-control poofy hair in the humidity, then an up-do might be the best option. If the wind on the beach is your biggest concern, go with a half-up and half-down hairstyle that will keep your hair out of your eyes and still look good when windswept. If you have short hair or are one of those few long-haired ladies who never has a bad hair day, leave your hair down for a lovely, natural look.

The second thing to keep in mind when considering wedding hairstyle ideas, is its “do-ability.” If you are not planning on flying out your favorite hairstylist and one of your friends or family members doesn’t perform miracles with the hair, then rule out anything too intricate. You don’t want to be stressed about your hair on the day of wedding, so go with simple and classic. If you really want to take your hair to the next level, then adorn it with sparkly hair clips, a feathered fascinator, or some flowers.

The final thing to keep in mind when conceptualizing your hairstyle is “stay-ability.” You don’t want to spend your wedding with bobby pins sticking into your skull. You also don’t want your new husband to tenderly brush back a tendril from your forehead, only to realize that it won’t move. Your hair will go through a lot, so make sure that your hairstyle will either look good when slightly rumpled or be able to withstand the abuse.

Executing the Perfect Costa Rica Beach Wedding Hair Style

Wedding hair style for the beachPractice, practice, practice! Once you have decided on your perfect Costa Rica beach wedding hairstyle, do a few dry runs. You don’t want to run into any surprises on the day of your wedding, so make sure that whoever is doing your hair can do it in his or her sleep.
On the big day, leave enough time for hairstyling so that you won’t be stressed about being late, but don’t do it too early either. If you are sitting around in the heat and humidity with your hair done for more than a few hours, you might start to look a little wilted by the time the ceremony starts. Plan your day so that your hair is finished about an hour before picture time.

Your hair will get rumpled as the night goes on. As soon as you stop worrying about it, costa rica beach wedding hairdooyou’ll have more fun. In case of a major hairstyle malfunction, however, give some extra booby pins to your maid of honor so that she can help you reconstruct the look if need be.
Just keep it simple. A Costa Rica beach wedding is all about nature and romance, so your hair should be as well. A simple ponytail or half-up and half-down hair style with flowers in it can sometimes be even more stunning than an intricate French twist.

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