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Spend one week at the Red Palm Villas yoga resort Costa Rica with yoga master Cris who has a calm and light that few possess and a balance and rhythm few know, when Cris arrives in your life she shares that with you.

Come to recharge your batteries, fill your body with healing foods, pure tropical rain forest water and feel the prana of life as it get absorbed into the deepest parts of your body.

When your Costa Rica yoga retreat ends, we promise you will be revitalized and refreshed, full of energy and on a path of strengthening and healing with a brighter outlook and even a renewed bounce in your step. You owe it to yourself and your family, your good health is their good fortune, nurture it, honor it and share it.

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On the soothing tropical beach of Santa Teresa Costa Rica the Red Palm Villas resort offers Costa Rica yoga packages ranging from one to four hours a day of stretching, breathing and meditation. Afterwards, follow it up with a relaxing massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, organic fruits and vegetables, or a refreshing swim in our pristine warm Blue Flag Pacific ocean.

Costa Rica Adventure Tours- and if you want more, we’ll plan for you a thrilling day experiencing canopy zip lining, waterfall hiking, surfing, kayaking and snorkeling. Eventually you can end your day with a private sunset yoga class, followed by a sunset stroll on the beach and later the chance to gaze at the stars and listen to the sound of the waves as they roll unto the shoreline under a full moon.

We know this is your dream and we live to make dreams come true. Having the #1 location on the #1 beach in Central and South America makes it all possible. So give yourself the yoga experience of a lifetime, one that’s sure to win your heart and bring you back year after year for more. Red Palm Villas Costa Rica yoga retreats promise to give you the yoga experience of a lifetime on one of the most natural and pristine beaches in the world.

Lush Gardens – Our more than 3 acre private resort boasts one of the most magical tropical gardens on the Nicoya Peninsula, swinging with Howler monkeys, thousands and thousands of butterflies, hummingbirds, Costa Rica natural wildlife and flowering tree’s, plants, bushes and local organic tropical fruits. And if you get lucky, without even leaving our resort, you might spot a spouting whale off on the horizon or even get to watch a mother turtle lay her eggs or even better, hatching babies turtles as they make their way to the waters edge and begin their journey in life.

There’s always something amazing and magical happening at the Red Palm Villas Costa Rica yoga resort. We promise to send you home with more than just better health, we promise to send you home knowing you just had one of your greatest experiences in your lifetime.

The Red Palm Villas Yoga Resort Costa Rica… on the beach!

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Our Costa Rica yoga resort has an indisputable life of it’s own. In an act of respect to nature, not a tree was cut to make way for these two beach front villas. Meticulously nestled in an almond grove, each home is a magical pathway for the busy hummingbird or a roost for the striped tiger heron. Both facing west with the amazing pacific in frame, air full of prana so thick you can actually see it amidst the hues and rays of our amazing sunsets.

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Get ready for the most amazing Costa Rica yoga experience of your lifetime while enjoying some of the finest beach front Costa Rica villas. Our villas peacefully, thoughtfully and respectfully live in Harmony and balance with nature and it’s surroundings.

Living ART – Truly Frank Lloyd Wright, Antonio Gaudi and Monet inspired, these tropical design beach front homes have been built to permit us to experience the best of Costa Rica’s nature in a most unobtrusive way, from the comforts of your villa, nestled in the quiet of our little sanctuary. What better place to practice yoga?

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Our Costa Rica Yoga Resort sits directly on Santa Teresa beach

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When a large pulse of energy finally reaches the shores of Costa Rica in the form of a giant wave, days and thousands of miles after its journey began, the Red Palm Villas yoga sanctuary can actually withstand the emerging force of that wave as like a knife, it is divided it into two separate paths. It’s at that very critical moment you actually begin to appreciate the magnificence of nature while realizing the integrity and strength of the rocks our villas are built upon.

It’s almost impossible to describe, it’s one of those things you have to see and feel to fully appreciate. Several hundred thousand tons of water all at once slamming down like a hammer on the reef in front of our villas, the ground sometimes actually stirs a little in respect, that’s power, that’s nature, that’s where you get to practice yoga while breathing deeply the prana of life, it simply just doesn’t get any better than this unless of course, it’s sunset.

Suck Rock Costa Rica – World famous surf spot

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It is with great consciousness and responsibility that the Red Palm Villas accepts stewardship of this powerfully energized point. It is in this exclusive section of white sand beach, known as Santa Teresa Costa Rica, sits The Red Palm Villas Costa Rica Yoga Sanctuary.

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